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Jul 21, 2023 Energy

Overcoming Manpower Challenges in the Energy Sector


This case study focuses on the collaboration between Samuel Knight USA Energy and a client, highlighting how Samuel Knight's project manpower solutions addressed various challenges faced by a client in the energy sector. The partnership not only resolved staffing issues but also significantly improved staff retention, project delivery, and overall business capabilities.


Our client encountered several challenges related to staff retention, attracting skilled labor, understanding localized market sectors and pay rates, onboarding workers, ensuring weekly pay, and contractor care. In search of effective solutions, they turned to Samuel Knight USA Energy and its expertise in providing project manpower support within the North American Energy sector.

Challenges Faced

Staff Retention: Our client experienced a low staff retention rate of 42%, hindering project continuity and operational efficiency.

Attraction of Craft Labor: The company struggled to attract skilled labor resources across various locations in North America.

Understanding Localized Market Sectors and Rates of Pay: Our client faced difficulties in comprehending regional market dynamics and determining competitive pay rates.

Onboarding Workers: The process of onboarding new workers proved time-consuming and inefficient.

Weekly Pay: Ensuring timely and accurate weekly pay for contractors posed a challenge.

Contractor Care: Our client sought improved support and care for their contractors to enhance satisfaction and overall project performance.

Collaboration with Samuel Knight USA Energy

They engaged with Samuel Knight USA Energy, led by Steven Rawlingson, based on the recommendation of a previous client. Samuel Knight's expertise and track record in addressing similar challenges made them the ideal partner to overcome the staffing hurdles faced.

Solution Implementation

Within a four-week period, Samuel Knight USA Energy successfully mobilized over 80 workers across two sites, a feat that our client had struggled to accomplish in four months. Samuel Knight's in-depth understanding of the energy sector, localized market sectors, and pay rates enabled them to identify and attract the best-suited candidates for their projects. Moreover, Samuel Knight's efficient onboarding process and commitment to timely weekly pay ensured a seamless transition for the newly recruited workforce.

Results and Impact

Staff Retention: Through Samuel Knight's effective project manpower solutions, our client witnessed a remarkable increase in staff retention, which soared from 42% to an impressive 98%. This improvement significantly enhanced their project delivery program and overall business capabilities.

Enhanced Project Capabilities: With a reliable partner in Samuel Knight, they gained the confidence to continue expanding its project portfolio throughout 2020, 2021, and 2022.

Trust and Partnership: Samuel Knight USA Energy became an indispensable partner, providing trustworthy and reliable project manpower support. The collaboration fostered a strong relationship built on mutual trust and demonstrated Samuel Knight's industry expertise.

Recommendation: Based on their positive experience, they recommend Samuel Knight Energy to any company in the North American Energy sector facing challenges in hiring labor.


The partnership successfully addressed critical manpower challenges in the energy sector. Through Samuel Knight's project manpower solutions, our client experienced improved staff retention, efficient onboarding, and a reliable supply of skilled labor. This case study highlights the importance of strategic collaborations to overcome industry-specific challenges and achieve long-term success.

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