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Grid Connection Manager

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Grid Connection Manager

Are you passionate about renewable energy and dedicated to shaping a sustainable future? Join our dynamic team as a Grid Connection Manager and play a pivotal role in the successful implementation of greenfield initiatives and the integration of renewable energy sources into our electrical infrastructure. We are seeking a highly skilled and experienced professional to carry out technical evaluations, analyze technical documents, and support the configuration layouts of photovoltaic systems and connection works.


Technical Evaluations:

- Conduct comprehensive technical evaluations of greenfield initiatives and existing authorized projects to assess their feasibility and compatibility with our grid infrastructure.

- Analyze technical documents, including layout plans, reports, unifying diagrams, and other relevant documentation, to ensure compliance with regulations and grid connection requirements.

Configuration Layouts:

- Provide valuable support in the elaboration of configuration layouts for photovoltaic systems and connection works at the AT (High Voltage) and MT (Medium Voltage) levels.

- Collaborate closely with the project development team to optimize the design and configuration for efficient grid connection.

Communication Management:  

- Efficiently manage communication with external designers and suppliers to facilitate seamless collaboration and timely execution of grid connection plans.

- Serve as a key point of contact for all grid connection-related inquiries and updates.

Interlocution with ENEL/TERNA Technicians:

- Establish and maintain effective communication channels with technicians from ENEL and TERNA to validate connection projects and ensure alignment with regulatory requirements.

- Coordinate necessary adjustments or modifications to achieve successful grid integration.

Join our team and make a meaningful impact in advancing renewable energy initiatives and promoting a greener future. As the Grid Connection Manager, you will play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth integration of renewable energy projects into our electrical grid, contributing to a cleaner, more sustainable world. Apply now and be part of the renewable energy revolution!

Adrian Di Domenico

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