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LG1750-SX3 Crane Operator

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LG1750 Crane Operator -


Germany & Netherlands 

Are you an experienced LG1750 Crane Operator with the required certifications seeking exciting opportunities in both Germany and the Netherlands? Look no further! 

We are actively hiring skilled and safety-conscious crane operators who hold valid GWOs (Global Wind Organization), a valid Medical certificate, and a valid Crane License. Join our team and be part of our commitment to excellence in the heavy lifting industry. 



As an LG1750 Crane Operator, you will play a crucial role in the successful execution of heavy lifting operations, ensuring safety, efficiency, and precision in all crane-related activities. Your key responsibilities will include: 

  • Crane Operations: Safely and efficiently operate the LG1750 crane, adhering to all relevant safety regulations and guidelines. 

  • Lifting Operations: Execute complex lifting operations, including the movement of heavy components and equipment at wind farms, construction sites, and other locations as required. 

  • Safety Compliance: Ensure compliance with safety standards, procedures, and best practices to maintain a safe work environment for all personnel involved in lifting operations. 

  • Equipment Inspection: Conduct regular inspections of the LG1750 crane to identify any mechanical issues or malfunctions, reporting findings to the maintenance team as needed. 

  • Communication: Collaborate with the lifting team, site supervisors, and other stakeholders to ensure smooth and coordinated lifting operations. 

  • Documentation: Maintain accurate records of all lifting activities, including lift plans, safety checks, and maintenance logs. 


- Valid GWO certifications, including Basic Safety Training (BST) modules (Fire Awareness, First Aid, Manual Handling, Working at Heights) or equivalent. 

- Valid Medical certificate to demonstrate fitness for crane operating duties. 

- Valid Crane License for operating the LG1750 crane or similar heavy lifting equipment. 

- Proven experience as an LG1750 Crane Operator in heavy lifting projects. 

- Excellent understanding of crane operations, load charts, and lifting techniques. 

- Strong focus on safety, adhering to safety guidelines and promoting a safety-first culture. 

- Ability to work independently and as part of a team in a fast-paced environment. 

- Strong communication skills and the ability to follow instructions accurately. 

- Willingness to travel and work on projects in both Germany and the Netherlands as required. 


Preferred Qualities: 

- Additional certifications or training related to heavy lifting operations or wind farm construction. 

Join our team of skilled professionals and be part of an organization committed to safety, excellence, and the successful delivery of heavy lifting projects in Germany and the Netherlands. As an LG1750 Crane Operator, you will play a critical role in our projects' success, contributing to a sustainable future and the advancement of heavy lifting technology. Apply now to embark on an exciting and rewarding career journey with us. 

Ben Simpson

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