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Project Development Director

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Project Development Director

Position Summary:

As the Project Development Director, you will play a pivotal role in overseeing the technical, environmental, and decision-making aspects of the company's projects, both ongoing and new opportunities.

Your responsibilities will involve coordinating a diverse and talented multidisciplinary team, including engineers, environmentalists, agronomists, legal, and financial professionals, to achieve the "ready to build" status of the company's projects in the fields of photovoltaic, wind, renewable gases, and storage.

Your strategic leadership will be essential in developing project-specific strategies to ensure the success of each venture. Reporting directly to the company's management, you will be responsible for identifying and mitigating project risks, ensuring the economic and technical profitability of projects, and fostering relationships with key stakeholders, administration, business partners, customers, and landowners.

You will lead efforts to explore growth and expansion opportunities while driving inter-departmental coordination to optimize resource allocation and maximize company efficiency.


Project Management:  

- Oversee the technical, environmental, and decision-making aspects of the company's projects in alignment with the organization's mission and objectives.

- Coordinate and lead the multidisciplinary team to achieve the "ready to build" status for projects, including Opportunity, Permitting, and Construction support phases.

Risk Management:

- Identify, supervise, and manage project risks, ensuring that the client's interests, construction companies, and the company are attended to appropriately.

Project Strategy:  

- Establish technical and environmental criteria for the company's projects in collaboration with the company's headquarters.

- Develop customized strategies for each project to ensure successful outcomes.

Project Development:    

- Monitor and control project development timelines and milestones.

- Transfer projects in the "Ready to Build" phase to the Construction team and provide support during the construction phase.

Opportunity Analysis:  

- Analyze new projects and opportunities to determine feasibility and alignment with company goals.

Due Diligence and Evaluation:  

- Conduct legal and technical due diligence for project assessment.

- Evaluate signed agreements and commitments made during project development with promoters, third parties, or clients.

Stakeholder Relations:    

- Establish and maintain positive relationships with administration, business partners, customers, landowners, suppliers, and relevant industry players.

Economic and Technical Performance:  

- Ensure the economic and technical profitability of the company's projects.
   - Provide progress and risk reports to clients.

Contractual Management:

- Oversee the contractual management of the company's portfolios, ensuring compliance with commitments made to clients and third parties.

- Coordinate reporting and communication with clients to ensure project progress.

Process and Protocol Development:  

- Establish management models and protocols within the department and company to guarantee efficient information flow.

Cost Control and Analysis:  

- Monitor and analyze department, portfolio, and project costs.

Representation and External Relations:

- Act as a representative of the company before administration, media, and other relevant parties.

Project Closure and New Technologies:    

- Support the closing of operations related to projects, including purchase-sale, due diligence, and financing searches.

- Form and lead a team dedicated to originating "In-house" projects and exploring new technologies.

High-level Decision Support:  

- Prepare technical-economic analysis to support high-level decision-making.

Problem Solving and Improvement:    

- Identify problems, propose solutions, and implement measures to improve company efficiency and effectiveness.

Growth and Expansion:    

- Identify growth and expansion opportunities and collaborate with other company departments to develop joint plans.

Inter-Departmental Coordination:    

- Coordinate resource allocation across departments to optimize project development.

Join our dynamic team as the Project Development Director and contribute to the advancement of renewable energy projects, environmental sustainability, and the growth of our organization. Your expertise and leadership will play a pivotal role in driving successful project outcomes and contributing to a cleaner, greener future.

Adrian Di Domenico

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