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Renewable Energy Project Manager (Wind or PV Solar) - Italy

Position Summary: 

As a Renewable Energy Project Manager, you will be responsible for overseeing the entire development cycle of renewable energy projects, specifically wind farms or PV solar plants, from initiation to the operational phase in Italy. 

Your primary focus will be on obtaining all necessary administrative authorizations, grid access and connection approvals, environmental impact approvals, joint evacuation infrastructure agreements, and successfully negotiating land leases and plot lists. 

Your technical and legal expertise will be crucial in conducting due diligence on both buy-side and sell-side transactions. You will work closely with internal experts and external consultants to support project design and technical due diligence. 

This role requires a team player with a strong background in electrical engineering and at least five years of experience in renewable energy project development and management. 


Obtain Administrative Authorizations: 

- Obtain necessary approvals for wind farms and PV plants, including associated infrastructures, from relevant Regional and/or National Administrative bodies. 

- Manage and navigate the Sole Authorization processes in compliance with Regional and/or National regulations. 


Grid Access & Connection:     

- Prepare and follow up on technical documentation for grid access and connection requests. 

- Work with ENEL and TERNA to secure Technical Access Contracts (EON-ION-FON). 

Environmental Impact Approval:     

- Obtain Environmental Impact Approval for wind farms and PV plants in adherence to environmental regulations.

Joint Evacuation Infrastructures:     

- Facilitate agreements for joint evacuation infrastructure to ensure smooth operations. 


Land Lease Negotiation and Expropriation:     

- Negotiate land leases and expropriation agreements necessary for project development. 

Documentation Preparation:     

- Develop and compile relevant technical and commercial documentation for Administrative Authorization, Grid Connection, and Construction phases. 

Technical and Legal Due Diligence:     

- Conduct technical and legal due diligence on both buy-side and sell-side transactions. 


- Collaborate with internal experts and external consultants to support project design and technical due diligence. 

Contract Elaboration: 

- Prepare and finalize technical and commercial terms for land lease, DDS, and/or acquisition contracts. 



- Master's degree (MSc) in Electrical Engineering or related field. 

- A minimum of five years of professional experience in renewable energy project development and management, with a focus on wind farms and PV plants. 

- Proven track record of successfully obtaining Administrative Authorizations, Grid Access & Connection approvals, and Environmental Impact Approvals. 

- In-depth knowledge of MS Office and QGIS software. 

- Strong communication and teamwork skills. 

- Fluency in both Italian and English (C1 level). 

- Willingness to travel as required for project-related activities. 


Join our team as a Renewable Energy Project Manager and contribute to the growth of sustainable energy solutions in Italy. Your expertise will play a vital role in driving the success of renewable energy projects, reducing carbon emissions, and creating a greener future. 

Adrian Di Domenico

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