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Renewable Energy Careers for Women

The Women of Today (WOT) is dedicated to empowering women to thrive in Renewable Energy careers while also devising innovative strategies to support organisations with their DE&I.
WOT originated from the women at SK Energy who identified a gender gap in the Renewables sector, and an even bigger gap in in Senior Leadership roles. Leveraging our specialised industry knowledge, we were inspired to effect real change.
Our commitment is to elevate 30 women to leadership positions by 2030. This initiative isn't limited to aiding mid-level professionals; we're here to address the gender gap in this rapidly expanding industry.

How we make a difference

We're creating a community at WOT where we unite to make an impact together. Follow our LinkedIn page and join us.
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WOT Mentorship
A mentorship program that provides placement opportunities! Learn from established women in renewables and advance in your career with our support. Launching in August 2024.
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DE&I Program
We leverage our extensive vertical industry expertise to develop innovative strategies that support Renewable Energy organisations with DE&I.
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WOT Mentorship

Are you a woman in Renewable Energy looking to advance your career or break into the industry? Perhaps you're a woman in Renewables already in a senior leadership role, eager to mentor others?
If so, our mentorship program is designed for you.
At WOT, we've crafted a mentorship initiative focused on providing genuine value. We meticulously pair mentors and mentees, offer program guidance, provide resources for setting objectives, and conduct regular check-ins to ensure success.
Each program spans six months with limited spots available. Additionally, at the mentor's discretion, there's a potential for placement at the end of the program. This means mentees not only benefit from senior guidance but also have a chance to join an organisation that prioritises Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

In the event there is no placement available from the mentor, and the mentee seeks a new role in renewables WOT will support the mentee with this.
We are currently accepting applications for both mentors and mentees for our upcoming program.

Please follow the link below to apply and you will receive a program breakdown. After submission, a member of WOT will reach out as a introduction and answer any questions regarding the program.

*Placement is not a given and this is at the discretion of the mentor. In the event there is no placement available from the mentor, and the mentee seeks a new role in renewables WOT will support the mentee with this. Each program there is limited slots, however, applications will be kept onto our system and considered for the next program. Mentees will also be asked if they would like to be presented with new roles within renewables and to join our community

The stats speak for themselves


million people work in renewables


of women make up the renewables workforce


of women in renewables are at board level

WOT Founders

Kenzie Morris

USA Director - Renewable Energy - Wind & Solar

Katelyn Young

Head of Marketing, Brand & Communications

Who SK Energy work with

  • Solutions For Organisations

  • Retained Search

  • DE&I Program

How change can happen

Safe and inclusive environment

To provide a safe and inclusive environment, organisations can implement clear anti-discrimination policies, regular diversity training, open communication channels, promoting diversity in leadership, and fostering a culture of respect and acceptance.

Support for work-life balance

There are various ways organisations can support work-life balance, some of these include offering flexible work arrangements, such as telecommuting or flexible hours, providing parental leave and childcare support, encouraging employees to take regular breaks, promoting wellness programs, and respecting boundaries between work and personal time.

Non-gender bias hiring process

To create a non-gender biased hiring process, an organisation can implement blind recruitment techniques, where candidate names and genders are hidden during initial assessments, use gender-neutral language in job descriptions, ensure diverse hiring panels, offer unconscious bias training to hiring managers, and regularly review recruitment practices for fairness and inclusivity.

Promoting gender diversity

Promoting gender diversity involves creating initiatives such as mentorship programs for women, establishing clear pathways for career advancement regardless of gender, ensuring equal pay for equal work, implementing policies that support work-life balance, and actively recruiting and retaining diverse talent. Additionally, fostering a culture where diverse perspectives are valued and celebrated helps promote gender diversity across all levels of the organisation.

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