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Climate Tech Startups on the rise: The One-Year Impact of the IRA

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Climate Tech Startups on the rise: The One-Year Impact of the IRA

For climate tech startups, the fruition of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) is becoming increasingly apparent.

Enacted into law by President Joe Biden in August 2022, the IRA has earmarked an impressive $400 billion in federal funding dedicated to propelling clean energy projects.

This commitment aligns with the ambitious goal of the United States to achieve a substantial 40% reduction in economy-wide greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

A remarkable upturn is occurring within the startup landscape as they begin to benefit.


US to create offshore wind ‘centre of excellence’

Labelled the 'Centre of Excellence' for offshore wind - the facility will speed up reliable and fair offshore wind energy deployment and produce a well-educated domestic workforce.


US could award 15.5GW of offshore offtake in 2024

Despite challenges, such as contract terminations and economic uncertainty in 2023, there was significant growth in offshore wind capacity and infrastructure development.


SAMUEL KNIGHT INTERNATIONAL: An International solutions-focused approach

At Samuel Knight Energy they understand the importance of having the right talent in place to support their client's Renewable Energy projects that align perfectly with their objectives. Samuel Knight's strategic global office locations now include Newcastle HQ, London, Bristol, Spain, and USA sites with Dallas HQ, Chicago & Boston.


Could there already be an alternative to the Lithium-Ion battery?

Could there already be an alternative to the Lithium-Ion battery? The Lithium-Ion battery was a revolutionising innovation, however it is not without its downfalls...


International Day of Clean Energy

Today is the first ever officially recognised International Day of Clean Energy. Discover how the pledges made by world governments are going to help the world transition into a sustainable future & combat the effects of climate change.


Michigan Enacts 100% Clean Energy Mandate Through the Clean Energy and Jobs Act

The Clean Energy and Jobs Act includes several bills that include a mandate that utilities sell 100% of electricity generation from emissions-free sources, though environmentalists argue it has opened the door for non-clean sources to participate.


Samuel Knight's Christmas Charity!

Samuel Knight chose to support Cash For Kids: Mission Christmas this year as our chosen charity! Find out what we got up to in order to raise funds & why we chose to support this charity!