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Vesper Energy attracts USD-100m investment to grow portfolio

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Vesper Energy attracts USD-100m investment to grow portfolio

Vesper Energy, has secured a substantial equity investment of $100 million. This is aimed at bolstering the expansion of Vesper Energy's impressive portfolio, which encompasses both solar and energy storage projects.


$2.7 Trillion Annual Investment Required for 1.5°C Climate Goal

A recent report from the consultancy firm Wood Mackenzie emphasises the necessity of a substantial global investment amounting to $2.7 trillion annually to achieve the critical goal of net zero emissions by 2050.


Zero-waste metrics unveiled for the rail industry

When we think about waste, our thoughts often gravitate towards post-consumer origins such as plastic packaging. However, 40% of the world's solid waste by weight is generated through construction and demolition activities annually. 


Turning the Tide: Vineyard Wind 1 Set to Transform US Offshore Wind Landscape with Turbine Installations

In a major milestone for the US offshore wind industry, wind turbine installation at Vineyard Wind 1, the US’s first commercial-scale offshore wind farm, is expected to start next week.


The UK leads Europe in housing the highest number of future unicorns

Report by Swedish venture capital firm Creandum highlights Europe's growth as a global tech contender, with its share of global VC funding increasing from 5% in 2003 to 16% in 2023.


Government Welcomes Report on Electricity Networks as Vital for UK's Energy Security

Grant Shapps, the Secretary for Energy Security, welcomes the comprehensive report prepared by Nick Winser, the Electricity Networks Commissioner of the UK. 


How has the American Climate Law Accelerated the Transition to Renewable Energy?

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) has made a substantial impact on the United States' shift towards renewable energy over the past year. This legislation has played a crucial role in expediting the growth of clean energy manufacturing, making eco-friendly purchases more affordable, and stimulating investments in battery and electric vehicle (EV) production.


5 Myths about the Rail Industry

The rail industry's impact goes beyond transportation, influencing economies, societies, and the environment. With a continuous adoption of new technologies and a commitment to safety and efficiency, the rail sector remains dynamic and essential in the modern world.